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Roderick S. Hall, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

California License: PSY15283


If you are considering psychotherapy you are probably looking to change something in your life and may have already tried more directive forms of treatment like behavioral therapy that is usually short term.  Many people leave short term psychotherapy unsatisfied and feeling they have tried psychotherapy and it did not work, when they have only tried one form of psychotherapy.  While behavioral treatment can be quite good with certain types of problems, especially when someone is seeking treatment with a specific goal in mind, most people who seek treatment only know that they are unhappy with their lives. 

The type of internal changes people seek usually requires longer and happens more often in a type of psychotherapy that is non-directive.  The same issues that are worked through in behavioral treatments like negative self-statements or catastrophizing are still worked through in non-directive psychotherapy while non-directive psychotherapy provides a canvas on which the patient can paint their own lives and the ideas they have about it.  The past is included in the treatment to the degree to which is comes into the present as are the different ways people avoid their feelings or hide their feelings from themselves.

The best way to learn about psychotherapy is to meet and discuss it.  Please call Dr. Hall at 619-437-0440 to scedule an appointment.