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Roderick S. Hall, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

California License: PSY15283

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       Changing the

       Trajectory of 

       Ones Life 


Dr. Hall is a Psychoanalyst and Licensed Clinical Psychologist who works with children,adolescents, and adults.  Dr. Hall is also Chair or the Training Program in Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis at the San Diego Psychoanalytic Center.



WelcomeI view the distress that motivates one to seek treatment as rooted in difficult to recognize and unconscious ideas and/or memories about one's self. The process of learning the self-defeating or self-destructive ways in which one avoids or defends against these troubling ideas and the process of coming to a deeper understanding of them reduces the grip they have on one's life. I maintain this perspective whether I am seeing someone for psychological testing, twice a week psychotherapy, or four times a week psychoanalysis.

Psychological Evaluation

Sometimes a good place to begin the process of getting help is a psychologcial evaluation.  It can help clarify the problem or possible identify the presence of a learning disorder such as dyslexia.  To learn more please call Dr. Hall for a consultation.  Dr. Hall evaluates children, adolescents and adults.